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Rijksbouwmeester Onderzoeklab 01 Day 1 :

Today was our first moment on site, exploring the Jaarbeursterrein in the center of Utrecht. Our group of 3 intrepid architects and one landscape architect (me!) was assigned the task of exploring the boundary of the site, to find out more about the site’s edge conditions.

A lot to say about this first look. We traced the contours beginning with our exit from the station and proceeded around the edge noting the changes in atmosphere and composition. I think we came to some conclusions very useful to the rest of the project – but I’m saving that a little bit for the blog we just made for the project (wij zijn = we are in Dutch):


One thought on “Nederland Wordt Anders … starting the research lab for urbanism

  1. Hi Jacques,

    You told me about your temporary work experience at the Rijksbouwmeester Atelier.
    Could you imagine to tell something about that the 10th of november, at the C3 lecture series, the students evening?
    It would be about the methodic aspects.
    I would be very interested in at one hand almost banal things: how does the work space look like (the interior, the library, the model atelier- if any and so on. How are people working there, and does it influence the working proces?
    At the other hand you could think of the way how in this work environment people devellop ideas, together or apart.
    In your case, I expect this all to be quite vague for you and everyone at the moment. But, as more people in the C3 series are confronted or will be confronted with the need to explore such things, it could be very instructive to hear your experiences. Be aware: it is not so much your opinion on how it should be, but how it is. And that is, because I want to focus on the methods which are used.
    Maybe in the moment not any method seems to be used, because it all starts. Then again: if chaos, how do ideas arise out of this chaos?

    Let me hear,


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