FOODPRINT Exhibition STROOM Den Haag

I’ll be adding more texts and writing in the coming weeks. I at least wanted to get this up before I run out the door- I’m off to eastern France for a couple of weeks where the internet connection will be a bit more sporadic than downtown Amsterdam…

Foodprint at STROOM architectural center Den Haag:

Foodscape Schilderswijk

Concepts Debra Solomon. Images Jacques Abelman.


The research phase of the Schilderswijk Foodscape concerned gathering the necessary information to make this map. Social infrastructure and green infrastructure already in place, with the Continuous Productive Urban Foodscapes sketched into the zones where we’d love to see them happen. And here they are:


Fruit espalier plazas provide beauty and interest and a heck of a lot of food…


Herb lawns colonize desolate urban hardscapes with scent, texture, and medicinal resources…


Courbis trellis arcades line busy streets with shade and a panoply of gourd and squash species…


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