Haarijn, Utrecht : artificial beach project

We have been working for a while on an artificial beach near the city of Utrecht, on the edge of a large lake created by sand mining. These collages are meant to capture the atmosphere of the design we propose. Large oval shaped mounded dunes partially covered with grasses, worn wooden poles anchoring the hills of sand, wooden walkways creating flows of walkers, long terraces facing the sun… It made me want to go to this place, that exists only on paper for the moment. That is the odd thing about making representations of landscape- you have to understand the thing in your head first on a technical level, and then find a story about what kind of life will be breathed into the design by the activity of people. That’s when it can become a place.


5 thoughts on “Haarijn, Utrecht : artificial beach project

  1. Hi — I’m working as a LA in Rotterdam and am planning a weekend trip to Utrecht on Saturday, has this project been constructed and are you able to share its location? It looks fascinating!!

    • The project proposal has been a very long process of dialogue between the urbanists, the municipality, and the landscape architects – DS. I don’t believe it has been constructed yet.
      There are of course a lot of great projects in the area to visit as I’m sure you know. Just curious, whom in Rotterdam do you work for? Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Jacques,
    I am looking on the world wide web to find your address to invite you for the happiest day of my life 😉 … and i find your website. great!!! looks really nice.
    The project in Haarrijn Utrecht is in build and in use. The buildings are nog there yet but the beach is great. The dunes and the strandpalen are there and they work really great for the space… as you can already see on your collages;)
    lots of love,

  3. I live in Utrecht. I would like to spend my weekend beside the beach. it seems a fantastic beach. how can I com from the utrecht centraal to Haarijn. when is better and give me some information about the cost of it.
    Best regards,

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